Model Papers - Constitution of India-Model Test Paper 11

1. The Directive Principles of State Policy as embodied in Chapter IV of the Constitution were derived by us from —

  1. The Constitution of Ireland
  2. The Constitution of U.S.S.R.
  3. The Constitution of Switzerland
  4. The Gandhian Constitution for Free India

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2. State which of the following statements is correct:

  1. Preamble is not part of the Constitution
  2. Preamble is part of the Constitution and relates to its basic structure,
  3. Preamble is not part of the Constitution but a sort of introduction to the Constitution,
  4. Preamble is like a prologue to the Constitution

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3. State which of the following statements is correct -—

  1. The American doctrine of waiver of fundamental rights is part of the Indian Constitution.
  2. No person can waive his fundamental rights under the Indian Constitution as they are sacrosanct and no individual can tinker with them.
  3. Non-citizen can waive his fundamental rights.
  4. A citizen can waive his fundamental rights which are for his individual benefit.

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4. The right to equality means that no person is above law. To this rule, certain exceptions are recognized. State which of the following come under the exception:

  1. President of India
  2. Ambassador of USA.
  3. Judges of the High Courts.
  4. All the above

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5. Which one of the following writs can be issued only against the judicial or quasi-judicial authorities?

  1. Mandamus
  2. Habeas Corpus
  3. Certiorari
  4. Quo Warranto.

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