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Crash Course-Mains

For Crash Course for Judicial Services Examination- Mains Exams

HUGE DISCOUNT UPTO 21.12.2018 - Join at Rs.6000 per month instead of Rs.10000 per month.


CRASH COURSE PLAN is a short term course for review for various judicial services examinations. An aspirants are expected to have a good knowledge for the examination for which they are willing to appear before they join the crash course. The detailed lectures on the subject will not be provided in this course. Only tests series are provided to the student in this plan. The questions of these test which are provided to the aspirants is from renowned books which are readily available in the open market. The website does not provide any study material. Aspirant may ask queries during class session. Daily 60 minutes class. In one week there will be 5 classes. Every monday and tuesday class remains off. Students reply will be evaluated for quality check as per exam standards

    • Test Series
    • Short Term Course

Duration of the Course is 4 Months

    Central Acts

    1. Civil Procedure Code
    2. Indian Penal Code
    3. Criminal procedure Code
    4. Indian Evidence Act
    5. Indian Contract Act
    6. Specific Relief Act
    7. Partnership Act
    8. Hindu Marriage Act, 1955
    9. Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act,1956
    10. Hindu Succession Act,1956
    11. Hindu Adoption and Maintenence Act
    12. Transfer of Property Act
    13. Muslim Law
    14. Limitation Act,1963
    15. Constitution of India.
Course Registration Fees - 600.00
Tuition Fees Per Month- 18000.00