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HJS Plan

For Higher Judicial Services Examination

HJS Plan (Higher Judicial Services Examination Plan) is meant for those aspirants who are preparing for various states HJS (Superior Judicial Services Examination /Additional District Judge Examination ). Aspirant must possess 7 years experience as an advocate to appear for HJS Exams. No study material will be provided to the aspirants. Only live oral lectures are provided to the aspirants

    • Now opportunity to join India's No.1 institute for Online Coaching Classroom for Higher Judicial Services Examination from home or from your office
    • Lectures taken by experiened faculty.
    • Real time live online classes,
    • Interactive Classrooms
    • Five Class per week of one hour.

Duration of the Course is 18 Months

    Central Acts

    1. Civil Procedure Code
    2. Indian Penal Code
    3. Criminal procedure Code
    4. Indian Evidence Act
    5. Indian Contract Act
    6. Specific Relief Act
    7. Partnership Act
    8. Hindu Marriage Act, 1955
    9. Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act,1956
    10. Hindu Succession Act,1956
    11. Hindu Adoption and Maintenence Act
    12. Transfer of Property Act
    13. Muslim Law
    14. Limitation Act,1963
    15. Constitution of India.
Course Registration Fees - 600.00
Tuition Fees Per Month- 4800.00