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ONLINE TEST PLAN contains online mock test series, the test series will contain the number of questions which an aspirant has to reply in specific period of time.  An aspirant can view one model only 3 times in his plan. The online mock test will be visible till plan is active. The aspirant will be able to see the online mock test for the state for which he choose the plan. In this plan aspirants are not given any online oral lectures, they themself may appear in online test and test thier knowlegde on the subject.  No study material will be provided to the aspirants. 

    • Online Mock Test
    • Computer based self evaluation
    • Time based auto test completion

Duration of the Course is 6 Months

    Central Acts

  • It does not contain a specific act or statute from which an online test is created. 

Course Registration Fees - 600.00
Tuition Fees Per Month- 600.00