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    Unemployment in India

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    Unemployment is a social problem the world over. Though unemployment varies from 2-12% in developed countries, the picture is considerably different in developing countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan, many countries in Africa, Latin America etc.

    The position of unemployment in India has assumed an alarming position, the same position varying from 20-45% in some parts of the country at different times of the year.

    In India, the problem of unemployment is found among both educated and uneducated class of people. This problem is a major cause of poverty in India. (1)

    Unemployment in India is a serious social issue.One of the major problems of India is unemployment. Unemployment means the state of being without any opportunity of earning one’s livelihood.

    In the good, old, golden days when the population of the world was smaller, there was hardly a person who was not employed in some way or other to earn a living. But this situation no longer exists. In those days most people lived in the rural areas and depended on agriculture and cottage industries. But industrial civilization brought about a change in the situation. It introduced machines, and as a single machine can do the work of many men, it naturally threw many persons out of employment. No doubt, this industrial civilization has greatly increased the wants of and opened up many new opportunities for employment. But this increase in scope for employment has not been able to absorb the men discharged. The abnormal rise in population has intensified the problem of Unemployment India. That is why the problem of employment has been getting more and more acute every year.(2)

    Types of Unemployment

    There are different types of Unemployment. Basically unemployment in India can be divided into two groups:

    1. Educated Unemployment
    2. Uneducated (Illiterate) Unemployment.

    Among the educated unemployment, it could be unemployment amongst just literate, unemployment amongst those who have studied up to class X – Class XII.

    Unemployment amongst dropout, plucked or abandoned education before completion of graduation is about 35%.

    Those who are graduates e.g. B.A., or B.Sc., B.Com is about 20%.

    Of course unemployment is much less in B. Tech. M. Tech., BBA, BCA, MBA, MCA, any other engineer or doctor or computer technologist or Information Technologist. Unemployment amongst those having engineering diploma, medical diploma, and skilled people like Welder, Carpenter, Blacksmith, Chamar (Leather skill), Biri maker, potter (Kumbhar), etc. is very little though their earning may be much less than the minimum necessary for sustaining a reasonable standard of living.

     another classification unemployment is of the following types:

    • Seasonal Unemployment
    • Cyclical Unemployment
    • Structural Unemployment
    • Agricultural Unemployment
    • Technological Unemployment
    • Educational Unemployment
    • Miscellaneous Unemployment

     Causes of Unemployment in India

    There are primarily two reasons of unemployment in India:

    1. Incomplete, Defective and abstract education.
    2. Inadequate economic development as a result of which enough jobs are not created.

    Regarding education- its syllabus, standard, methods, style, as well as new disciplines huge research work is continuously being carried out all over the world.

    It has been observed that educational system by and large is devoid of creativity and innovation, imagination and self development, communication skill both written and oral which ultimately create educated unemployment.

    What is needed is further investment, new innovation, new institutions, new projects etc. where millions of people can get employment.(3)

    Solution and Conclusion

    In brief, we have to solve the problem of unemployment on a war footing. For this both long and short measures should be taken in India.

    • Population growth has to be checked.
    • Family planning should be made productive.
    • Each one should give financial help to the unemployed to set up some industries or start some business.

    Thus the problem of unemployment may be solved.(4)


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