Terms and Conditions

Competent to Contract:

The user shall have attained the age of 18 years, should be of sound mind & had not have been declared insolvent by the court of law on the date of registration with this website.


The registered user may choose the plan/plans as displayed on the website. All the details regarding the registration fees, plan fees, course durations,subjects to be taught, number of classes in a week, time duration of classroom etc have been mentioned in the repective plan.


The course fees shall be paid by the user in advance. The payments are accepted only through the online payment gateway/NEFT. No cash or cheques or drafts are acceptable. No franchisee or agent or representative or any staff member is authorised to receive any amount in cash,cheques or drafts on behalf of the website. The user making any payment to  any franchisee or agent or representative or any staff member of this website in any mode on behalf for course etc. shall be himself responsible for such payment, if any and the website shall not be responsible for any such payments. 

Fees Not Refundable

The course fees and registration fees paid by the user shall not be refundable. 


The live online classrooms shall remain close on all Uttar Pradesh Gazetted Holidays and for summer and winter vacations of ten days each.

Number of Online Classroom

The user opted for the live online coaching classes shall have 5 days a week classrooms i.e from to Thursday to Monday. The Tuesday and Wednesday of every week shall be holiday. The duration of online classroom will be 50 minutes of lectures and at the end of lecture 10 minutes for queries of user if any. 

Lectures on Central Acts Only

The online lectures shall be delivered only for central acts which are a part of syllabus of the respective competitive examination of the states for which the user has taken the plan. The website does not provide any lectures of the local acts of any state of India, general knowledge, general studies, international law & jurisprudence.

Copy Right

The material or data or images or videos as displayed or uploaded on this website and the online lectures delivered by this faculty of this website shall be the exclusive copyright of M/s Judicial Competition TImes (Regd.), Saharanpur. No user shall record or use or send or upload or sell or distrubute any live lectures  delivered by any faculty of this website. The user shall not copy or download any material or data as displayed on this website and he shall not distribute or sell or use for business purpose by him or any other person.

Live Classroom

  1. The user shall possess the high configuration laptop with intel core i5 processor, 3 GB Ram, 500GB HDD, internet connection with atleast 3G speed, good quality headphone, skype account. In case due to slow speed of internet connection , non availability of net connection, any call failure, or any hardware problem of users devices , the user is not able to attend the class or dropped from a class for any period of time , neither the website shall not be responsible and nor any topic which is left due to these abovementioned reasons will be taught again to the user. The portions of any lectures so missed or lectures not attended by user due to his taking leave or holiday shall not be redelivered. The website will not provide any books or any study material to user.
  2. The user attending live lecture in a class is not allowed to record lecture by any means whatsoever
  3. The batch once allotted to the user for live classroom shall not be changed.

Transaction Charge

The user making online payment through payment gateway shall pay the transaction charge as mentioned by this website. 


The user shall pay applicable taxes.

Reciept of Promotional and Transactional SMS's, Emails

The user hereby agree to receive all the promotional and trasactional SMS's and Email at any time of any day through this website or any of its associated websites. The user shall not claim any "Do Not Disturb" DND service from this website in respect of emails and sms's. The user shall be responsible to reimburse to this website for any penalty whatsoever imposed by the authorities for DND Service against this website or its associate website.

Late Fees

The user shall pay the late fees at the rate of  10% of the plan fees per month, if the plan fees etc. is not received in advance for the next billing cycle.

Uploading Data by User

  1. The user shall not post or upload or submit any obscene data or picture or video or any defamatory material or libel or any other material the publishing of which is punishable under any law enforced in India or any other country.
  2. The user agree that his photo and profile as uploaded by him on this website can be displayed publically on this website. In case user is selected in any competitive exam, his photo and profile can be displayed in list of selected user without giving him/her any notice.

Online Payment

  1. This website shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for any online payment got unsuccessful or not processed or for any amount if deducted from user's bank and not credited to website account.
  2. User's plan will not be get activated until the full payment for any plan is received in website account.
  3. All online payment made on this website are processed by payment gateway services as provided by ccavenue.com, the payment gateway is a third party application.Once the order is placed the user is redirected to the payment gateway to process online payments and this website have no control over ccavenue application. This website shall not be responsible for any misuse or loss or transfer of user's card number/ username/ password or any amount or any information whatsoever related to his bank account.


Information about successful or unsuccessful users

This website does not display any list of successful or unsuccessful users appeared in any competitive examination. 

Profile of Faculty

The user shall not ask for profile of any faculty. It is the sole discreation of the website to display the profile or faculty or not.




Although all the precuations are taken by the staff members of this website while data feeding and uploading the data of any sort on this website even then if any data is misspelled, or wrong or found incorrect or not updated, the website shall not be responsible in such events. The user shall co-relate all the data displayed on the website from the original source. The website do not suggest or ask any user to rely on any data or information displayed on this website. In case any user's uses any data displayed on this website in any competitive or other examination or in any proceeding in any court or department, or seminar or whatsoever and due to such usage he or any other person got any damages or harm or failure etc, this website shall not be responsible to any such harm, damages or failure caused to him or any person.The website takes no responsibility of any incorrect online lectures delivered. The user shall corelate the lectures from statutes and case laws.