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Who is best Law Teacher in India?

rakesh-kapoor-sir-best-law-teacher-in-indiaRakesh Kapoor Sir is one of the best and leading law teachers in India. He served for the post of Assistant District Government Counsel (Crime), Uttar Pradesh Government. He is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of leading law firm JUDICIAL COMPETITION TIMES . He is one who introduced the Online Coaching Concept for Judiciary Exams in year 2009, long before Corona period, when others institutions have even not imagined of online coaching programme. Being expert in both academics and practical approach his teaching skills are remarkable. He is down to earth and always eager to help financially weak aspirants for judicial exams. As on date Rakesh Kapoor Sir have more than 59,000 subscribers on his YOUTUBE Channel .

Which Institution is Best for Higher Judicial Services Examinations Coaching Classes in India?

Though lots are institution are providing coaching classes for higher judicial services examinations i.e adj exams but as hjs exam coaching require the blend of both academic and practical command in Law field. Normal educator or law professor does not possess practical court experience so they cannot meet both these requirements together. JUDICIAL COMPETITION TIMES full this requirement. Rakesh Kapoor Sir possess vast experience of practice in court of law which make his lectures more practical and makes it more easy to understand and implement. So aspirants can Join live online coaching classes of JUDICIAL COMPETITION TIMES . Live Lectures are delivered by Rakesh Kapoor Sir. 

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Which is a best coaching classes for civil judge examination in India?

JUDICIAL COMPETITION TIMES  is leading and premier website which is providing live online coaching classes for various civil judge junior division examination conducted by various state public services commission in India. All class sessions are taken personally by Rakesh Kapoor Sir. Aspirants are taught detailed lectures section wise with landmark case laws. Aspirants can ask thier doubt in class itself. Notes are also provided to better understanding. The online coaching class programe also contains online mock test and previous papers. Judgments Writing , Essay writing and also taught. Special emphasis is given on problem solving techniques. 

Aspirants may join live classes for CIVIL JUDGE EXAM by clicking on link -

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