Best Mains Crash Course Judiciary Exams

Crash Course for Judiciary Mains Exam 2023

Which is Best Crash Course Mains for Judiciary Exams

Judicial Competition Times provides best India's #1 Online Crash Course for all states Higher judiciary & Civil Judge Exam 2023.

  • 1.Subject-wise Daily Test
  • 2.Special Focus on time bound mains writing skills
  • 3.Judgment Writing Skills for Civil & Criminal Cases
  • 4.Aspirant taught to frame chages and Issues
  • 5.Subjectwise Daily Test
  • 6.Special class for dealing problem based questions
  • 7.Answer sheets are evaluated by expert faculty and mark are also given for tests
  • 8.After evaluating answer sheet, students are told about their weaknesses
  • 10.Answer sheets are evaluated by expert faculty
  • 11.More than 2000 Questions are discussed in crash Course
  • 12.Doubt Clearance Sessions
  • 13.No overcrowding, only limits seats

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Frequently Asked Questions

For joining Crash Course for Judiciary Exams. Follow the undermentioned steps -

  • 1. Register.
  • 2. Login.
  • 3. Go to Fees Option.
  • 4. Choose Crash Course Mains Plan.
  • 5. Fill complete Order Form.
  • 6. Pay Online.
  • 7. After Payment live session batch will be allotted and your crash course classes will commence.

Total duration for Mains Crash Course for Judicail Exam is 6 months. But keeping in mind the emergency forthcoming exam time period can be reduced to 3 months

No, student have an option to pay mains crash course for judiciary exam fees on the monthly basis also. In order form aspirant have an option to choose EMI option

Yes, both criminal and civil judgment writing skills will be taught in classes

You need to make a pdf of answer sheet and upload the answer copies immediately after mains test.

Yes, your answer sheets will be evaluated and mark are also given for every answer. In case of any wrong answer attempted by you, you will be informed about the defect and correct solution will be given

Yes, solution to the questions asked in the test will be provided

Following Subjects will be covered in mains crash course for judiciary exams-

  • 1. Criminal Procedure Code
  • 2. Civil Procedure Code
  • 3. Indian Evidence Act
  • 4. Indian Constitution
  • 5. Transfer of Property Act
  • 6. Indian Penal Code
  • 7. Indian Contract Act
  • 8. Indian Partnership Act
  • 9. Specific Relief Act
  • 10. Hindu Marriage Act
  • 11. Hindu Succession Act
  • 12. Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act
  • 13. Muslim Law
  • 14. Limitation Act
  • 13. Easementary Act
  • 14. Sales of Goods Act

Yes, Mains Crash Course of Judicial Competition Times is available both for Higher Judicial Services Exams and Civil Judge Exams

Yes, questions and answer will be provided in pdf form to students of mains Crash Course for Judicial Services Exams.